Elki celi thoughts about Far Cry Primal Game

History keeps repeating itself, and so does the famous gamers’ quote that goes, “I am not a gamer because I don’t have a life, I am a gamer because I choose to live many lives”. Now this is basically what Ubisoft Montreal has packaged in this new release: Farcry Primal. It is the latest of the Farcry franchise and undoubtedly most peculiar when it comes to the overall game as we will see.farcry-primal-new-game


This section has been divided into two, to give you a clear distinction between the setting of the game and the actual deliverables that are deemed of you. Unlike other RPG or FPS games, this specific rendition has the cross purpose feature. What this means is that all the minute actions which you will carrying out will have a cumulative effect on the long haul.

The Plot Environment25p1acr

As you probably know, the game takes place in the Stone Age era. Lieu of you chasing after antelopes and rabbits as it was the norm in Farcry 3 and 4, here you actually face bigger and more intriguing animals. You combat with sabre tooth tigers and gigantic mammoths, maming you the lesser being – looking to survive. Along these lines, all these are happening in plains and mountains all the same.


In the game, you are going to be playing as Takkar, who is one of the few surviving members of the Wenja tribe. As the game plot, you will be split from your tribe and come across Oros, a land of plenty. Now this is where it gets interesting. You actually have to lead your tribe to claiming Oros, combating your way through rival tribes like Izla and the man-eating Udam tribe.

Weapons, Tools & Clothing

The primary weapon in the game is your bow, which you can use for hunting. You will be attired in skin at the beginning but with the help of Karoosh, a warrior, you can get enough skills to craft weapons as well as other clothing. Moreover, you have an owl to act as your binoculars and you can tame some animals to fight your enemies!

The Mission Main Mission

Your main mission in the game is to decimate all the other tribes and take over Oros. Moreover, you are tasked with the main role of mastering how to tame all the animals in Oros as these can be really brutal. Basically, you have to be the apex predator in the game. Use all the resources at your disposal to not only unlock the hidden features, but also have a gist or what Oros is!

Side Missions

The game also has some side missions as well. For instance, you are asked to assist a tribe man in one thing and then you get rewarded. Moreover, you will also be able to get the likes of clothes and unlock more weapons and levels if you complete some of the designated side missions. It basically is designed in an incremental approach, where by all your moves in the game have an overall impact at the end.far-cry-primal

Analysis The Good

The game plot in terms of the setting is the perfect definition of open world. Many players felt that the coverage in terms of exploration is the best when one seeks the adventure.

The Bad

A number of players felt that the array of tools and weapons available are utterly disadvantageous to the player.